SeaStar Functions

Base Terminal:

  • Supports basic telephony functions, calling line identification presentation (CLIP) and SMS, network function and link to circuit switch phone
  • Phone book retrieval from the terminal with storage of up to 3,000 contacts
  • Call log: last missed, received and dialed calls each with date and time stamps with storage of upto 100 call logs
  • Menu-driven graphical user interface with 65K colors, 320 x 240 pixels, 2.4” TFT LCD screen
  • MMI in English
  • Backlit keypad
  • Desk and wall mount cradle
  • One Alert button for triggering an emergency alert to pre-configured contacts via SMS
  • External loudspeaker plays incoming call ring and SMS notification ring
  • Configurable to support:
    • Automatic Position Reports (APR)
    • Polling for on-demand position report base on GPS tracking
    • Geo-fencing. UP to 5 polygon areas (circular or rectangular) can be configured. Sends an alert when the vessel enters or leaves an area
  • RJ45 port for GmPRS LAN connection
  • RJ11 port for analogue phone connection

Antenna Unit

Active Antenna

  • Omni-directional active Thuraya satellite antenna with built-in active GPS antenna
  • Up to 75 meters of LMR400 (or equivalent) co-axial satellite antenna cable


SeaStar Specifications


  • SMS: up to 160 characters
  • GmPRS: 60kbps/15kbps (Download/Upload)



  • No. of Tracking Channels: 20
  • GPS Positioning Accuracy: <10m


Operating Environment

Antenna Unit (ADU)

  • Operating Temperature: -25oC to +55oC
  • Storage Temperature: -40oC to +80oC

Base Terminal (BDU)

  • Operating Temperature: -15oC to +55oC
  • Storage Temperature: -20oC to +70oC



  • Power Supply: 8 to 31.2V
  • Standby/Working Avg. Power Consumption: 10W / 16W
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 95% (non-condensing) at 40oC



  • Base Terminal (L x W x H): 210 x 205 x 85mm
  • Active Antenna (D x H): 164 x 170mm
  • SAT Cable: 25m
  • GPS Cable: 25m



  • Base Terminal: 2kg
  • Active Antenna: 1kg
  • Antenna Mounting Kit: 5kg
  • SAT Feeder Line: 67kg @ 25m
  • GPS Feeder Line: 65kg @ 25m
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