Thuraya IP Commander Features

Solid and dependable

Thuraya IP Commander is purpose-built for use in vehicles. The satellite terminal has MIL-SPEC connectors and a chassis that is able to withstand the harshest treatment.

Easy installation

Thuraya IP Commander is built for Comms-On-the-Move and can be easily installed on any vehicle. The antenna with its magnetic feet can be fitted in seconds and the vehicular mobile satellite terminal has simple plug-and-play features that enable a swift mission deployment. However it can also be transitioned into fixed installation scenarios in minutes, suiting applications in military encampments and emergency response sites.

Voice and IP

The terminal boasts a robust voice handset that offers clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity across Thuraya’s highly reliable voice network. It also supports IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps while on the move.

High-speed streaming capabilities

Thuraya IP Commander is the only ruggedized terminal in the market capable of achieving streaming IP speeds of up to 384kbps.

Asymmetric streaming

Thuraya is the first mobile satellite services operator to provide asymmetric streaming capabilities for all our broadband devices. Thuraya IP Commander can be configured to allow users to manage their upload and download speeds to match their usage and ensure significant savings.

Unlimited data usage

With the IP Unlimited data plan, users can conduct all field operations, including video conferences, file transfers and other high-bandwidth applications at a fixed monthly rate, with no additional costs.

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