SAILOR 4300 Features

More performance, less cost

SAILOR 4300 L-band enables you and your crew to operate with greater safety and efficiency through secure voice calling and reliable satellite connectivity regardless of weather conditions or worldwide location.

Through Iridium NEXT, the terminal enables fast internet speeds suitable for both data- heavy applications and everyday usage, such as email, electronic reporting and crew communication. It also minimizes total cost of ownership with low hardware costs and no scheduled service requirements.

Simplicity and reliability

SAILOR 4300 L-band has been designed for seamless compatibility with SAILOR VSAT. Both systems use the same interface and are simple to integrate using the built-in application programming interface (API). The terminal is extremely light and compact, making it easy to install with one cable below deck and an integrated antenna and modem.

Built in-house for SAILOR quality and reliability-tested for all environments, SAILOR 4300 L-band represents the very best of Cobham’s world-class maritime satcom knowledge and capabilities. SAILOR 4300 L-band is also fully supported through our industry-leading Global Service Network.

Technical Specifications & Features


  • Size: 38 cm (dia) x 23 cm (h)
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • One cable connection to BDU



  • Bulkhead and 19” rack versions



  • Three independent voice lines



  • Supports Iridium Certus 300- Up to 176/352 kbps
  • Supports Iridium Certus 700- Up to 176/704 Kbps


Operational Enhancements

  • Email, electronic forms/reporting and crew communication

Videoconferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN, IoT and telemedicine

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