Codan Envoy X1 and X2 Features

Lower Overall Investment

Envoy HF Software Defined Radio platform built the on latest-generation high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and system on chip (SoC) technology, ensures that you can get tomorrows capabilities today.

Envoy platform is fully software upgradable and is continuously supported by Codan via regular software releases with newly added features and system capabilities meaning that the radio product will be able to adapt to evolving user needs at minimum cost.


Efficiency and Flexibility of Operations

Excellent RF performance with the best receiver in industry, and capabilities including state of the art digital voice and high-speed call linking protocols means that your communications will be successful in a broader range of conditions, more often.

Being a truly IP-based radio, Envoy allows separation between the radio and up to four remote Control Points, providing flexibility in selecting a place for antenna installation.


Security of Operations

With a range of voice and data encryption options, the security of your information on air can be guaranteed.

Envoy second generation Digital Voice coupled with AES-256 encryption provide superior and secure voice quality and data, even in the most challenging channel conditions.

The innovative secure interoperability capability ensures that Envoy systems can be configured to operate seamlessly across HF networks using disparate encryption methods, a crucial capability in complex missions.

Data application suites such as Codan Sprint and Codan Chat provide peer to peer text chat, email, and file transfer as well as email and phone SMS gateways, ensuring your mission data requirements can be fully met.


Reduced Operator Training

With a modern, icon-based full-colour user interface, USB SmartLoader, and intuitive programming, Envoy is easy to operate and minimises the need for training.

The Envoy X1 and X2 User Interface supports English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto and Portuguese languages for display and data entry. Multi-language support also to send and receive messages in your native language over HF, SMS, and satellite media via Codan Convoy remote radio management solution.

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