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Thuraya M2M

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  • Thuraya FT2225

    Thuraya FT2225.

    The FT2225 satellite M2M terminal enables connectivity for remote assets and sensors for monitoring, control, and security of critical applications in the oil & gas, utilities, mining, banking, and government sectors.
    By utilizing our robust IP-based, highly secure, two-way communications Thuraya M2M network, you can extend the deployment of M2M and IoT applications in real-time beyond the traditional coverage areas of cellular networks. The FT2225 can also be used to provide redundancy and backup M2M communications for mission-critical applications via satellite in situations where highly resilient communications is required in times of crisis or natural disasters.

  • Thuraya T2M-DUAL

    Mobility. Versatility. Reliability.

    Efficiency Our current pace of development requires the constant support of ever-evolving technology. As industries and organizations extend the potential of existing markets and tap into new ones, the need to collect and manage data seamlessly becomes more urgent.

    Tracking and monitoring assets, fixed or mobile, located across changing points, has traditionally been a complex process. However, as operations delve further into remote territories, it is increasingly vital to rely on solutions that are simpler, flexible, more affordable and less labor-intensive.

    The Thuraya T2M-DUAL terminal (Thuraya Tracking and Monitoring) addresses these challenges by enabling IoT and M2M use cases. The dual-mode terminal allows smarter, more streamlined and automated data capture over both satellite and GSM networks by offering diverse modes of communication:

    • 1. Fleet Management mode
    • 2. Logger mode
    • 3. Modem mode

    The Thuraya T2M-DUAL’s automated network mode selection is regulated by the least cost routing, which ensures unrivaled total cost of ownership. T2M-DUAL facilitates actionable data delivery right to the operator or manager, thereby improving asset performance and process efficiency. The terminal is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, vibration and shock

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